March is Disability Awareness Month

The dictionary defines "respect" as a showing of honor and consideration, and holding a level of esteem and regard for one another. It's a quite simple concept, actually. So simple, in fact, it's hard to comprehend how easily it can be forgotten. Especially to the hundreds of thousands of citizens living with disabilities.

Regardless of our differences, we all want many of the same things. To be loved and understood. To receive a fair chance. To receive respect. Several hundred of us gather to walk a mile and advocate for respect. With your participation, who knows how far we can go!

Special Thanks to all our Community Partners in making this event happen!


March for Respect

Saturday March 24, 2018

Time: 12:00-1:15 - Rally

         1 PM - Walk Starts

Entertainment and Free Hotdogs and start at 12:00

Event Flyer (PDF)


 130323 MFR 575 Pelly


Pre-Order your T-Shirt for $15 HERE!

 T-shirt Price will be $20.00 at The Event - Limited Supply!

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Thank You to all the organizations that partnered up with us to make this event possible!

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