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Epilepsy Foundation Northwest

The Arc of Tri-Cities is announcing it's collaborative partnership with The Epilepsy Foundation Northwest. This partnership is to help raise awareness and increase services for persons who are affected with epilepsy/seizure disorders.

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain defined as having two or more seizures. The seizures happen when clusters of new cells in the brain signal abnormally, which may briefly alter a person's consciousness, movements or actions.

Epilepsy can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Epilepsy is the third most common neurological disorder in the United States after alzheimer's and stroke. Epilepsy has many possible causes, including brain injury and genetic disorders. In many cases, the cause is unknown. Epilepsy strikes most often among the very young and the very old, although anyone can get it at any age. In the u.s., It affects more than 326,000 children under the age of 15; more than 900,000 of whom have seizures that cannot be adequately treated. More than 570,000 adults—ages 65 and above—have the condition

The Arc of Tri-Cities has been serving individuals with developmental disabilities in the Benton Franklin Counties over fifty-five (55) years. Over quarter (¼) of the individuals we serve are diagnosed with a seizure disorder/ Epilepsy.

In support of this partnership The Arc of Tri-Cities will be offering the following with the support of Epilepsy foundation:

  • Epilepsy 101
  • Parent Educational/Support Classes (English & Hispanic)
  • Epilepsy Pizza Socials, for the whole family!  Call or e-mail Melissa for details, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 509-783-1131, ext. 108.
  • Annual NW Epilepsy Walk/Run


Epilepsy Northwest Foundation

Epilepsy Foundation Northwest