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  • The Arc of Tri-Cities offers monthly dances for adults ages 18 and up


Recreation is based on inclusive leisure activities for adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 2 and up. The purpose is to provide a venue for social interaction between peers and the Tri-Cities community.

Recreation is designed to assist individuals with the ability to utilize their leisure time activities in ways that will enhance their health, well-being and independence.

Recreation activities are directed by those that participate. Recreation is made up of numerous activities based on age such as Easter egg hunts, dances, movies, crafts, fishing, hayrides etc...

Participants are notified of activities through our newsletter.



Participants Needs

The Arc of Tri-Cities staff and volunteers provide supervision at recreation events. If you need attendant care assistance (feeding, toileting, transfers, etc...) or have a behavior issues  you will need to provide you own support person. Registration for support person's fees may be waived or will vary depending on activity.




Financial Accessibility

The Arc of Tri-Cities in order to create financial accessibility seeks funding for the purpose of assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in their community, including and not limiting United Way, Block Grants, Donations, Fundraising, Grants... Funds are used to create affordable programming that does not create a punitive environment for requiring additional assistance to participate.

Recreation Funding Support